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Your guide to diamond cuts

Round Brilliance

The round brilliance is a timeless, classic cut and it is one of the styles that suits most finger shapes. This cut is known for its fire and sparkle, the way that each facet is cut reflects the light in the most dazzling way.

Anelli round brilliance diamond cut


This cut emphasizes its clarity and colour. It has a clean and modern look, that appears crisp and pure. The Emerald has an art deco and vintage look about it, which is growing more and more popular.

Anelli emerald diamond cut


If you’re looking for a sparkly number but with a more modern look, the Princess cut is the way to go. It is ideal for long fingers, as it creates balance with its vertical lines.

Anelli princess diamond cut


Oval cuts have become increasingly popular over the last few years. It has a sleek design while creating optimal sparkle, it really is a huge crowd pleaser. The elongated shape makes the diamond appear larger than its carat weight – what’s not to love?!


I have heard repeatedly that 2022 is the year of the pear! It is a striking cut which screams femininity. This cut can look incredible in different ways, it can be long and slender or short and full of body – either way, it’s striking and sophisticated.

Anelli peardiamond cut


The cushion cut is a beautifully soft diamond cut with its rounded edges and produces copious amounts of fire and sparkle.

Anelli cushion diamond cut


Marquise is another shape that compliments most finger shapes as it elongates the finger. If the diamond has a good depth to it, it produces optimum sparkle.

Anelli marquise diamond cut