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The Most Popular Wedding Traditions in 2022

If you’re amid planning for your wedding, traditions have probably crossed your mind. Should they be included in your wedding or are you just using them to please your guests?

Let’s have a look at 5 bridal traditions that have been going for many, many years and it looks like they are here to stay!

The white dress

Brides in the middle ages actually wore different colours but it was Queen Victoria who changed the game when she married Prince Albert. In 1840, Queen Victoria chose to wear a white dress and from then on, all women wanted that fairy tale dream and white has been the most popular bridal colour ever since.

The wedding rings

The circle shape of a ring symbolises eternity and an unbreakable love. Married couples in the UK traditionally wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger, on the left hand, which is believed to have a vein running straight to the heart. How romantic!

The throwing of the bouquet

During the 15th century, it was seen as good luck for the wedding guests to try and tear bits of the brides wedding dress, flowers or even her hair! Luckily, this tradition has moved on and now catching a bouquet is not only seen as good luck, but it is believed that this person will also be the next to marry!

The Honeymoon

After a wedding is said and done, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve got a honeymoon to look forward to and you may just have the Vikings to thank for it! They would drink a honey type of wine for over 30 moons and this is where the name “honeymoon” was born. And although it couldn’t be more different to what we do today, whether you’re going to be sunning yourself in the Maldives or hiking in the Himalayas, having your first holiday as a married couple is a memorable one.

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