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How to choose your perfect wedding ring

While planning a wedding, there’s a million and one things that need to be ticked off that never-ending to do list and many couples leave picking their wedding band until the last minute. Wedding rings, apart from the photos and the memories, are the one thing from your wedding day that lasts forever and that you will wear every day. It’s important to start your search early, this way you have time to time to find your perfect ring. If you also think you will want to go down the bespoke route, this can take even longer, so do bear that in mind.

If you’re going to be wearing your wedding band next to your engagement ring, make sure you will be wearing your engagement ring on the day of your appointment. It’s completely up to you how you want to style your rings together, but a wedding band can look completely different sitting next to your engagement ring and when it’s sat by itself.

The most common question a couple asks when buying wedding bands is “do we need to match?” Years ago, this was the done thing – you matched with your other half. But nowadays, if you and your partner have different tastes and styles, don’t feel like this is something you have to do. You have got to love the ring that you’re wearing.