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Diamonds are a feeling

Despite the mayhem that 2020 and 2021 brought, one thing always remained consistent and stood out more than ever – love. Among the heartbreak and the stress, love managed to shine through at the darkest of times. Love releases feel-good hormones that trigger positive reactions and whenever I look down at my left hand and see my three rings, stacked up on top of one another, I feel a rush of love, gratitude, and butterflies.

While looking at my engagement ring, I go back to the evening on a beach in Antigua. The beautiful, golden sand in between my toes and my heart pumping so loudly in anticipation, that I can barely hear the three magical words leave my husband’s mouth, “Will you marry me?” In all honesty, at that moment and when I finally managed to compose myself (a good few hours later) I was captivated by the diamond dazzling in front of my eyes.

Underneath my stunning solitaire sits my wedding band. The ring that was given to me whilst my husband said some of the most important words that meant he will be by my side forever. A symbol of uniting as a team and sticking by each other no matter what.

Eternity rings mark a moment in your married life that is a particular time filled with love, like an anniversary, or as in my case, a child being born. This ring reminds me of that euphoric feeling of bringing a little human into the world – a feeling of love so overwhelming that you could literally burst.

I believe this is why I truly fell in love with the diamond industry. To me, they are more than just a random gift, they symbolise key moments in your life and moments that bring back emotions that you can sometimes begin to forget.